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Top 5 Best Driveway Basketball Hoops

Based on the backboard quality and overall durability we have listed top 5 best driveway basketball hoops for your driveway.

1. Dominator Inground Hoop

54″ backboard, 2.5′ overhang to glass backboard

2. Game Changer in-Ground Hoop

with 60″ Glass Backboard System

3. Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Hoop

with Adjustable Height Backboard and Breakaway Rim

4. Katop Driveway Roof-Mount Outdoor Hoop

with 48 or 60 inch Backboard, Durable Steel.

5. Lifetime 90734 Adjustable Portable Hoop

with 54-Inch Tempered Glass Backboard.

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How to snowblow a Driveway?

If you are blowing snow off your driveway, it is important to point the snow blower’s chute up the driveway. The first, and most important thing you need to do is walk the driveway and feel the snow. If the snow is light and powdery, it will be easier to blow snow off your driveway. If the snow is wet and heavy, it will be more difficult to blow snow off your driveway. Snow varies greatly, so you will need to determine if more rocks are needed in your driveway and where you need to place them to keep your driveway as smooth and safe as possible.

What is the best way to snowblow driveway?

 You can actually put the snowblower on a raised surface, walk beside it and just push the snow away. I have done this before and it works great. The only thing you have to make sure is that you don’t push the snow into your car, mailbox, neighbor’s yard, or any place that it doesn’t belong. I also suggest that you try to push the snow as far away from the sidewalk as possible so that when someone walks down the sidewalk, they don’t fall in the middle of the sidewalk. Also, don’t push the snow over the sidewalk and onto the street.

What should a new asphalt driveway look like?

To have a new driveway, you first need to know what you want. Stamped? Colored? Poured? Block or stone? There are so many factors to consider, that it would be impossible to list them all here. Start by deciding what you want, then do your research. Generally a new driveway should look smooth and even. The edges should be neat and should not have any sharp edges or slivers. It should be level, with no bumps or indentations. There should be no missing or loose stones, and there should be no cracks. A driveway should also feel sturdy and not give under pressure.

Can you park a semi truck in your driveway?

Before you plan on parking a semi truck in your driveway please take into consideration the laws in your location. If a semi truck is parked on the driveway, it would severely limit the ability to maneuver the vehicle out of the driveway. It would also be very unsafe, as the top of the truck would be too low for anyone to get in or out of the home. The driver could tow the truck through the garage, but it will be very hard to turn such a large vehicle around in most garages. Finally, the truck would have to be inspected by a professional to ensure that the weight would not damage the structure of the house.

How to remove ‘tire shine’ stains from driveway?

Here’s the best way to remove tire shine stains:  
– Detergents – Dish soap, Lava soap and car wash soaps are the best thing to use. Dish soap works the best (at least it has for me).  
– Vinegar and baking soda – Combine 1/2c of baking soda, 1/2c of vinegar, and 1/2 gallon of water in a spray bottle, shake it up and spray it directly onto the tire shine stain. Let it sit for about a minute, then scrub it with a brush (this may take some scrubbing). Rinse with water.
– Acid – If you have muriatic acid, you can use that to dissolve the tire shine.  
– Heavy duty cleaners
– If nothing else works, you can try using a heavy duty cleaner like Simple Green or something of that sort.  
– Try to avoid harsh cleaners (like bleach, detergents, and ammonia) as they may damage the concrete. If you’re going to use a cleaner like that, make sure you use it very sparingly and keep it off the concrete.  
– Time – It may take a few days for the stains to disappear.  
– I’ve read that some people have had success using the acid method after a rain. Hope this helps.

How to remove tire cleaner from driveway?

Hi, It is not good to have this pesticide on your driveway. It will not wash off. You need to get as much up as possible with a stiff broom or large putty knife. If it is dry it should not be a problem. Once most of it is removed you can use 100% vinegar on the area. It should not harm the concrete. Let it dry overnight and then sweep it up. This should remove the residue left behind when the pesticide was removed. You can also use a concrete safe multipurpose cleaner. You can purchase these at any hardware store. They are generally made of a couple of ingredients and will be labeled as safe for concrete.